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"I demonstrate diligence with all my projects. As a showman, I have been blessed with the ability to show many different species, but with raising and showing different species I have learned that training each animal causes different emotions both good and bad. I practice diligence when I think ahead and willingly choose the actions that will benefit my projects. I demonstrate diligence when I always do my best and strive for excellence in the ring and at home. I am diligent when I don't procrastinate with the things I don't want to do, but start my tasks promptly, working carefully and persistently until they are complete. When working with livestock I have used diligence to not procrastinate, step out of my comfort zone, and not be too distracted to spend time working with my projects. Raising projects through 4-H has added many positive things in my life: like friends, family bonding, responsibility, diligence, and reason or inspiration."

Madison D.



"For as long as I can remember, I've been told that no matter where you are, people are always watching. I don't believe being influential means you give the best speeches or you have the most awards. I believe that you can influence those around you by even doing everyday things. I believe that I influence my fellow showmen because I not only strive to be my best in the show ring, but also outside the ring. At shows, being kind and respectful influences people to do the same. I know as showmen, it's hard to lose, but I know you influence people in the way that you react to the loss. The same thing can be said about winning. As a showman, I always try to influence my fellow showmen in positive ways. I think that happiness is contagious and it only takes one to make a whole group happy. I want everyone to enjoy the show life as much as I do, so I try my hardest to be a positive influence."

Miranda D.



"I believe that attitude is a vital part of being a successful livestock showman. Six years ago, when I first began my showing career, I realized the true value of this quality. At nine years old, exhibiting in my first livestock show was a very daunting experience. Stepping into the ring for the very first time, my heart raced and my palms sweated, however whenever I exited the show ring, tears flooded my eyes and a last place ribbon sat in my pocket. I was absolutely devastated and was convinced that I could never show again. But then, my dad's advice helped me to change my perspective and outlook. He looked at me and said, ‘You need to get back up and try again, it's not too late to make this better.’ These simple words inspired me to see things differently and to have a more positive viewpoint on the situation. Ever since that day, livestock showing has become such a huge part of my life. If I would have remained in my pessimistic state, I would not have experienced the many opportunities that were to come. Attitude has the power to completely change your focus from the negative situations, to the blessings of the past and the hopes of the future. So, I encourage you to alter your gaze to the positive things and transform your mindset. I assure you that you will be utterly amazed at the influence that this simple adjustment of thought can have."

Brooke R.