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Brown Bombshell Show Halter with Pronged Lead Chain

90-0720  /

  • This set includes a medium Brown Bombshell Show Halter (90-0651) and a brown Pronged Lead Chain (80-1047)
  • Brown halter, lead and oil-rubbed hardware provide a sleek, professional appearance that won't detract the judge's attention from your animal's features
  • Brown Bombshell Show Halter is constructed with brown bridle leather and features a rounded noseband, rounded cheek pieces, durable corner stays, and smoothed and darkened edges
  • Pronged Lead Chain is great for training purposes or in the show ring, as the blunt prings keep the calf's attention without being harmful

Size Chart

SizeWeightCrown StrapCheek PieceNoseband
Small:650 - 1,050 lbs.15" - 18"6"8-1/2"
Medium:950 - 1,500 lbs.23" - 26"8-1/4"11-1/2"
Large:1,400 - 1,650 lbs.25" - 28"9"12-1/2"