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With adhesives alone, gaps and holes may remain in the leg hair that prevent a balanced appearance. ProEnhancer increases the volume of leg hair by coating each shaft individually without clumping and filling the gaps to prevent see-through while creating the appearance of bigger leg bone. ProEnhancer's quick drying action allows it to be easily clipped and covered with touch up paint for a ring-ready look. Recommended for show day use only on both black and colored cattle. Nt. Wt. 10 oz.

Additional Product Info

Species: Cattle & Goat
Use: Show Day
Directions: Shake well. Prepare hair as preferred. Spray light, even coats on areas that need thickened. Allow to dry. Cover with ProPaint. Remove using ProRefit or ProRemover, and wash with any Weaver Livestock shampoo. Over-spraying could cause hair to clump. Store and use at room temperature. After use, invert spray can to clear valve and spray tip. Clean with petroleum solvent if clogged.

Safety Data Sheet