Sheep & Goat Whitening Powder


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Sheep & Goat Whitening Powder is ideal for slick shorn lambs and clipped goats that are show ring ready but where some improvements could be made to their underlying hide color (pink hide shows through or dark pigmented spots/patches are visible). A shaker ball in the can separates the formula to allow for a smooth, even spray. This product gives a more even, uniform white and bright appearance to the hide and/or hair of the animal while softening for a fresh feel that’s ideal to the touch.

Additional Product Info

Species: Sheep & Goat
Use: Show Day
Directions: Shake well; powder can settle during storage and reduce effectiveness. Spray light, even coats. Product whitens as it dries. Allow drying time between coats. Brush in with a soft-bristled brush. Washing is not required. Store and use at room temperature. After use, invert spray can to clear valve and spray tip. Clean with petroleum solvent if clogged.

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