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ProColor Radiant Black  


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  • Gentle hair dye with flexible leave-in time
  • Provides long-lasting, uniform deep black color for a rich, bright and fresh look on show day
  • Formulated for cattle with sensitive hides and short hair
  • Leave on hair for one to 24 hours
  • Flexible dyeing time makes this formula ideal for dyeing multiple animals at once
  • Easy to mix and apply using a Big Blaster or Fogger, one box contains enough dye and activator for one 1,000 lb. calf
  • Works best when applied 2-4 days before the show
  • Complete instructions are included inside the box


This gentle hair dye for cattle offers a flexible leave-in time, making it ideal for dyeing multiple animals at the same time. When your calf's hair is dull and flat looking and could use a boost for show day, ProColor Radiant Black provides full coverage for vibrant, long-lasting color and a balanced look. One box has enough dye and activator for one 1,000 lb. calf. Complete dyeing instructions included in the box.