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Educating the Next Generation

If you’re looking for a great clinic to offer your 4-H Club, FFA Chapter and more, our ProStaff team of the industry’s leading experts are here to help! With their years of experience and passion for educating youth around the country, ProStaff members will teach clinic participants valuable new skills and information to practice at home and in the show ring.

To inquire about or schedule a clinic, please contact one of our ProStaff members directly via the information below.

Kirk Stierwalt - www.kirkstierwalt.com
Bob May - www.bobbymayshowsteers.com
Jon Gevelinger - www.gevelingercattle.com
Mike Harbour - www.harbourlivestock.com
Chad Charmasson - www.charmassonclublambs.com
Jay Carr - www.carrcattle.com
Eric Drager - www.dragercattle.com
Brock May - brockmay93@gmail.com or (608) 778-6444
Ky Stierwalt - www.kirkstierwalt.com
Kent Bennington - kbennington@umbargerandsons.com or (219) 869-0579


P r o c e s s i n g . . .