Pink2Purple™ helps keep show pigs eating, hydrated, full and fresh. It has a flavor that pigs love and the extra fuel sources to overcome show-related stress.

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More than just an electrolyte

Pink2Purple™ is a uniquely designed isotonic protein and electrolyte solution that goes way beyond just salt and sugar. And, it has a flavor pigs crave. What does this mean for your pigs?

  • Rapid absorption: The isotonic powder contains nutrients and key amino acids in the right concentration that nourish pigs’ intestines at the cellular level, so pigs continue moving throughout the show and have that extra eye appeal, bloom and presence in the ring.
  • Happy and hydrated: Because of its taste, pigs need no extra encouragement to start – and continue – drinking, keeping your pigs fresh.

Show-related stress can cause pigs to go off feed and water and not feel their best. Transport, changing environments and exposure to other animals can take its toll. But now it’s never been easier to keep pigs eating, drinking and thriving, even while on the show road.


Easy to use

The “on the go” packaging makes it easy to use at home or on the road:

  • Simply mix and dissolve one package of Pink2Purple™ with 1 pint (16 oz.) of fresh water.
  • Before you leave for the show and when you return home, give each pig 1 cup (8 oz.) before and after being transported.
  • Each show pig should get 1 cup twice daily for the duration of the show.

Frequently asked questions


Is it just another electrolyte?
Pink2Purple™ is much more than just an electrolyte solution. It delivers the unique combination of isotonic protein, nutrients and amino acids directly to the intestinal system.

Is it a medication?
No, it is not a drug, and it does not contain ingredients with drug-like properties. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Any observed differences in performance are due to the nutritional and hydration properties.

Can I just top dress the Pink2Purple™ powder?
No, do not top dress unless mixed with water. When dissolved, the product can be added to feed. It’s important to ensure pigs have access to fresh and clean water.