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Logan Svonavec


Logan’s passion for this industry started when he was just 8 years old, and it’s been his main focus ever since. He enjoys working with youths to teach them not only how to show livestock but also why we show livestock. Logan’s major wins include banners at NAILE, the Ohio State Fair and the Pennsylvania State Fair. He has judged shows at multiple county fairs throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia. Logan’s current focus is buying and selling show goats as well as holding showmanship and fitting demos throughout the Midwest.

Lives In
Rockwood, PA

Parents: Patrick and Joy Svonavec
Siblings: Hannah and Charlie

Logan is a student at The Pennsylvania State University pursuing a degree in animal science.

Favorite Products
Firm Adhesive

Fun Fact
Logan judged his first show when he was only 17!

To learn more about Logan, check him out on Facebook.