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Goat Leg Hair: It's a good thing

Goat Leg Hair: It's a Good Thing!

Make working and managing your goat's hair a daily task. When show day arrives, you'll be able to build the perfect leg.

At Home:
  • While blowing Conditioning Treatment  into the hair, use it as an opportunity to train the hair to stand in the right direction. (See image)
  • Use the Mini Roto Brush  and/or Mini Fluffer  to get the hair going in an upward direction.
  • Work the hair in a motion that wraps around and upward.
  • After conditioning and training the hair, protect the legs with Goat Leg Wraps , remembering to follow important usage instructions.
At the Show:
  • Wash and blow out goat, and then apply Sheep & Goat Whitening Powder , allowing the powder plenty of time to dry.
  • Using the Mini Roto Brush, pull up legs to get hair in the right direction and to separate hair fibers.
  • Alternating with the Mini Fluffer, apply Light or Medium Adhesive. Remember to spray a little and comb a lot!
  • Once adhesive is dry, clip through the legs to gradually blend the longer and shorter hairs.
  • Shape the legs to provide the appearance of bigger bone.

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