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One Show Stick So Many Uses

Swine Show Day Essentials

Tools to use in and around the show ring:
Pump Sprayers
  • Kent Bennington recommends using ice water in the pump sprayer to keep your pig’s body temperature down on hot days at the show.
  • For non-oil shows, spray the pig with a fine mist of water just before you go into the show ring.
    •  This is a great way to enhance your pig’s look and add freshness
Tools that you should have in the show ring:
  • Keep a brush on hand to remove any last minute dirt or shavings your pig might get into before or during the show.
  • Kent Bennington prefers that showmen use a small brush that fits inside their pocket, unseen by the judges.
Brush Holder
  • Use when you cannot fit the brush into your pockets.
  • If you prefer a bigger style brush, keep your hands free by putting it in a brush holder.
Pig Whip
  • Use for driving the hog.
  • Great for cleaning up your pig after it goes to the bathroom.
  • Fold the towel and keep it easily accessible in your pocket.
  • Don’t leave it dangling out of your pocket; this does not look professional.



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